Luxury Chauffeur Driven Transport

Why WGCS? Providing luxury chauffeur driven transport is just the start of the fantastic journey you embark on. A multi award winning chauffeur company that does not just drive you, that in fact serves you like a VIP.  The finest first class service providing the ultimate care and attention to the customers experience.

Starting with a detailed website and an instant quote and booking system, that supplies you a quote in under 30 seconds for your chauffeur driven requirements.

The Beginning of Our Journey

White Glove chauffeur service was founded on the back of demand from our wedding car business. We had to executive private hire a few luxury vehicles to provide our luxury chauffeur driven honeymoon transport.

Rather quickly we were suddenly receiving enquiries to hire our chauffeured vehicles for other luxury chauffeur  services and airport transfers.

Our chauffeur driven hire service was already set up to deliver the highest standards in customer care and first class bespoke travel. Thus it made sense to offer our travel services to all sectors needing VIP transport.

From experience of travelling around the world on holidays, we knew how hard it was to obtain a luxury chauffeur driven car for picking us up from the airport and dropping us back.

On several occasions the dream car we booked or were promised, turned out to be a taxi in reality. Although it had been described as a luxury transfer in a Mercedes, this was mostly far from the truth.

Often we had a white knuckle ride, whilst watching the disco lights of warning icons flash across the dash. This was far from the luxury chauffeur driven experience we expected.

VIP and First Class Service

Consequently we knew the level of service and attention to detail we were looking for on our special journeys.  So we created a white glove chauffeur service providing the finest vehicles and professional chauffeurs to ensure our customers would always travel first class and in the ultimate comfort.

Consequently the words felt like royalty, fantastic VIP service and first class service would used to describe our chauffeur driven service. So vehicles like the world class Jet Sprinter were designed to deliver this feeling.

Our ethos is based upon the good old fashion values of service. Consquently a service that is focused solely upon making the whole customer experience the main objective.  Where every customer is treated with respect and received in the finest manner.

Treated courteously and politely by a well mannered member of staff.  The principal of service comes before the product, thus providing the finest experience for your occasion .

By so creating the finest luxury chauffeur driven service experience for your special event in Essex, Suffolk and London.

Every detail counts.

Arrive in the ultimate style, class and comfort.

We drive to serve you.


Creating the Chauffeur Car Company

Creating white glove chauffeur service. We wanted our website to be easy to use and informative about all our luxury chauffeur driven services. A professionally designed site, which would be user friendly, fast and at a click of a button you could book your luxury vip travel.

Our luxury options would be standard, but we would give you the choice to personalise them to your occasion or event. We would also offer upgrade packages, so again you could choose for example a different champagne or a drinks package for your journey.

Transporting you in first class to your destination with the level of service and bespoke luxury travel to exceed your expectations and experiences of a chauffeur driven service.

This meant a fleet of luxury cars driven by courteous professional chauffeurs, a reliable and transparent service. So an efficient business model that made more cars available for luxury transport in Cambridge, Essex, London and Suffolk area’s.

First class service, to lose the waiting time for prices and information. We provide an instant online car booking system. A system that would provide you with all the luxury car options at the click of a button.

So whether you required a luxury VIP mini coach for 13 passengers or the ultimate luxury chauffeur driven Mercedes S class. A price is just a click away.



The Right Chauffeur Car

We offer a fleet of Mercedes S Class limos and limousines for hire at present. Our S classes are all the long wheel base model, providing that extra space in the rear compartment for your comfort. We also currently have a Mercedes S Class Pullman for hire, which can carry unto 6 people.

We choose the Mercedes S Class because it is the leading luxury car for being chauffeur driven in. Being built to provide the utmost comfort and luxury to its passengers.

All our Mercedes S classes are long wheelbase. This also helps with practicality, providing optimal legroom and even further space for your comfort. Most have heated and cooling seats, all have privacy blinds and luxury climate control.

The S class, include a lavish interior with soft supple Nappa leather seats and gorgeous wooden veneer panels, resembling the design of a private jet. The perfect space to relax in and to spend precious moments before the main event.

To make the journey even better, the Mercedes S-Class offers one of the smoothest journeys on the market today, thanks to its impeccable design and expert engineering. Thus making it the ideal vehicle for a luxury chauffeur service.


Chauffeur hire price list

A price list for your chauffeur driven car that was visible and interactive. Hence changing as you entered your chosen options, but always showing the true cost of your chauffeur transport hire and the availability. The finest service that meant, no more waiting for emails or telephone calls to get a price or confirm your luxury car booking.

Chauffeur driven Cars would be available 24/7, we know the world does not stop. All cars would be in pristine condition both inside and out, with everything maintained to highest standards. Our vehicles would be cleaned on arrival by the chauffeur, ensuring the finest standards for our clients.

The white glove service we dreamed for our own travel requirements would be standard practice, with experienced chauffeurs providing the best transport whilst our passengers relax in the upmost comfort.

Of course, every occasion is different, so we wanted to offer a bespoke service that is tailor-made to requirements of each client, ensuring the chauffeur hire transport matches the theme of the occasion or event.


A Luxury Vehicle and service fit for any event

Once we knew the level of service we wanted to provide. It was time to choose the right vehicles for this service.  A vehicle that was not too overstated, but delivered the luxury and comfort needed for a world class service.

So, what cars could compliment the white glove service we aspired to provide?

After much thought, we realised it was a clear choice. The award-winning Mercedes S Class that we wanted for our own wedding.  These vehicles embody style, sophistication, and luxury. Hence carrying a reputation as one of the world’s leading chauffeur driven private hire cars.

The best chauffeur driven cars.  As our business grows, we will continue to add a wider selection of vehicles beyond the S-Class.  A luxury party bus is planned for 2021 to provide the ultimate luxury party bus for any occasion.

Thus highlighting our commitment to quality. Our desire is to provide every customer with many options to enhance their journey or occasion. Whilst still receiving a first class service and feeling like a VIP.

Luxury Chauffeur driven limousines

Of course, we are not just here to drive business executives around town. We are here to provide you with the best chauffeur driven experience and comfort. So we opted for long wheel base variations to give all our customers plenty of leg room in the rear compartment.

After all, for pure comfort and luxury you need space. Hence the last thing we ever wanted was for any client to feel crammed in our cars. This is why we limit the rear compartment to only 2 people in our S class limos for maximum comfort and luxury.

Each vehicle exudes luxury, from the finest leather trim on the heated and cooling seating, while all the bells and whistles are included. We have branded champagne, breath mints, chilled water, umbrellas, sewing kits and cooling towels. Even on-board entertainment – anything to enhance the wedding transport experience for our clients.


Note: Each S class limo can sit an extra one person in the front passenger seat if required!



Complete Transparency

Our goal is always to remain 100% honest and transparent to our customers. We struggled to find this with other chauffeur driven car hire websites during our own experiences. Hence it’s something that is very close to home.

We want to stand out above the other Chauffeur hire car businesses. By providing honest information on the availability of our vehicles and the entire services we provide. This isn’t a large corporation running a massive fleet of vehicles and obsessed with making profits.

We are a small, family owned business that wants to provide the best quality Chauffeur driven car hire service in the country. There are no misleading photos on our site. Hence what you see is exactly what the cars look like. All the luxury vehicles have a 360-degree camera capturing every square inch inside the car.

This ensures that you know exactly what the car looks like so there are no surprises on your big day. You can even zoom in to view the finer details. Which we believe is a must-have feature because we know that you want the perfect vehicle for your special occasion transport!

Better still, if you or someone you know owns a VR headset you can use this for an immersive view inside the vehicle. It’s like sitting inside yourself and will give you the most accurate view of what the car looks and feels like. Not many companies provide such incredible attention to detail!


Chauffeur Driven Services to Make the Journey Feel Even More Special

For us, the chauffeur plays an important role in your first class transport. They are not a taxi driver that wants to get you from A to B as quickly as possible to move on to the next fare. We are there as a professional white glove chauffeur who is there for your well being and  to make the day feel even more special.

So waiting on your every need and to make sure nothing goes wrong. They would be fully prepared for all possibilities and unforeseen circumstances that could arise on the journey.

So whether it’s covering you with an umbrella on those rainy days.  Providing cooling towels for those hotter summer weddings. Providing blankets for cold days and even a sewing kit should there be a wardrobe malfunction.

Anything to make sure your special day goes off without a hitch – a white glove service in every sense.

Our chauffeur driven car hire service would embody the special relationship we wanted to share with our clients, rather than a corporate image. As we knew all too well how much of a difference it makes to your journey or event.  A vintage service, where attention to detail is party to delivering a first class service.


Our Packages

All our packages include the following:

Chauffeur in black or grey suit

White-glove service

Still water


Silk flowers in car



Cooling ice towels


Luxury chauffeur driven car service in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, London and Cambridgeshire

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