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When you hire our team at White Glove Chauffeur Service, we want you to feel in total control and command. To us, this means that you can enjoy the best experience and the simplest, easiest set-up possible.

If you are looking to hire our team of in-house experts to help you tailor your ride to any particular need, our team will be more than happy to help.

Simply let our team know what changes you require, and we will look to have them in place before our arrival.

Our luxurious chauffeur driven car service is designed with the sole intent of making sure you can arrive at your destination feeling satisfied, rested, and ready to tackle whatever awaits you.

With our white glove chauffeur service, you know that you are hiring detail-oriented drivers who look to make sure that everything is arranged ahead of schedule. Now, when you hop into one of our cars or limousines for hire, everything that you asked for will be laid out exactly as required.

We can help you with making choices, or you can tell us what has to be arranged. We can even arrange amenities like specific champagne brands or even specific chauffeur uniforms from our varied collection. Whatever you feel like your arrival requires, we are happy to assist.

Chauffeur uniform

Arrive to your destination with the required personality

When you use our service, it is about more than simply making sure you arrive in good time. It is to ensure you are safe, satisfied, and comfortable for whatever lies ahead for the rest of your day. This means that any change you need added to your service can be included without any issue whatsoever.

Simply let us know what you are looking for, and our team can put the finishing touches in places for the happiest journey possible. We can make as many bespoke changes as you need, ensuring that any wish you have can be fulfilled for the duration of your trip.

When booking with our service, you will be able to select from various options from our instant booking system that you can adjust to fit in with your needed options.

18th birthday event car ribbon.

What comes included as part of our White Glove Chauffeur Service?

If you are not sure what our service entails as it stands, then do not worry. Everything that is needed for the journey will be included as standard; this includes bespoke event ribbons and a fully uniformed chauffeur driver. On top of this, we will include mints, cooling towels, chilled water and umbrellas that you can use once you exit.

We can include anything else that you might wish to add, adjust, or remove from the collection. From a low key arrival to arriving in true celebrity style, our team is happy to adhere to any changes that you have asked for as part of your hiring of our service.

Best Luxury chauffeur car hire.

Enjoy the simplest, easiest chauffeur driven limousine service in the UK

As standard, every hire that you make as part of our service shall include:

  • White Glove Chauffeur Service – Enjoy the Ultimate VIP Experience.
  • Chilled Bottles of Still Fresh Water.
  • Cooling Towels.
  • White Umbrellas and Blankets for Your Wellbeing
  • Phone Charging Kit.
  • Serviettes and Tissues.
  • Sewing Kit for Emergency Repairs.
  • Mints.
  • Event flags and ribbons if needed.

Working across the Essex and Suffolk areas, our white glove chauffeur service can also extend into London, Hertfordshire, and Cambridgeshire.

Contact us today to find out our availability for when you need us next.

Personalise your event car

Car Ribbon

Make the car stand out on the road and make it clear who, or what, you are arriving for in our white glove chauffeur service. We can adjust the ribbons to say anything that you need, whilst adding that stylish and formal touch to your arrival. Perfect for just about any event that requires you to make a clear point of arrival.

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You might also wish to include specific imagery and messaging regarding the event ahead. From birthday and wedding celebrations to professional events, we can make up flags that match the tone, tempo, and theme of the event with ease. This creates a deeply satisfying, enjoyable finishing touch to the aesthetics of your trip.

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Chauffeur’s Uniform

Since we represent you for the duration of your journey, our white glove chauffeur service will arrive in a uniform that you feel comfortable with them driving with. You can pick from bespoke chauffeur uniforms that we have in abundance or stick to something classic in the standard grey or black standard uniform our chauffeurs wear.

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And what about a refresher to keep you pepped up for your arrival? Whether celebrating tying the knot or simply celebrating the elevation of a business relationship, our champagne – brands and styles selected by you – helps you to make sure that you can enjoy relaxing and feeling satisfied with your latest venture and progress whilst relaxing in the back. 

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