Special Occasion Car Ribbons

Event car ribbons. We can supply car ribbons for most special occasions if required. Any special birthday or wedding anniversary for example. Our luxury prom car hire has ribbons and flags as standard.

18th birthday event car ribbons.

So these can include an image of a lady and gentleman on the ribbon or just a lady or gentleman. These images are also the same as those found on our event car flags.

This can give you all of the help that you need to ensure you have an even more special, satisfying experience. With our event car ribbons, you can let everyone know what you are celebrating this year!

Why use our event car Ribbons?

Our vehicle Ribbons are made to work with any event theme. Hence with the designs looking great with any theme be it modern, classic, traditional, vintage etc.

The choice really is yours. We don’t look to put any limits on the kind of event you might wish to celebrate with us. Even if you are just heading out to celebrate a good time or the end of the year, we can make arranging and satisfying everything easier than ever before.

All our luxury chauffeured vehicles can be supplied with occasion ribbons. Also, this is all available in white with gold writing or gold with white writing, so you can easily adjust and edit to your personal needs.

Personalise Your Ribbons

Are different colours available for event ribbons? Of course they are! We understand that each event or occasion has its own unique style and aesthetic. So we are happy to provide ribbons in a variety of colour options.

So whenever possible we try to match your desired colour and will recommend what colour works best for the writing. If you want a set theme and design for your upcoming event, we can make sure that this is the case right away.

Bespoke event car ribbons.
Wedding car ribbons

Car Ribbon options

We provide you with all manner of ribbons and various different ribbon stylings to suit the event and the wider theme. If you would like some help in putting all of this in place, then you need only reach out to our team for more information, advice, and support.

Also, you can personalise other aspects of the vehicle’s car ribbon liveries. This includes useful extras, such as adding the name or names of the person, plus the event. Also, we could include the date of the occasion, with a range of colour options available.

Any personalised ribbons are given to you at the end of the event, a fantastic souvenir of your special day!

All our car ribbons are made from premium silk and are specially designed for WGSC. We find silk is the best choice not just for its luxury aesthetic. But also because it is much more friendly to our vehicles. Not only is it a softer and more stylish material, but silk is also more durable than other materials, such as nylon.

Unfortunately, silk is not waterproof so they may get wet if it is raining. Don’t worry though; if you have personalised your ribbons, we will take these off and dry them. Then we either drop them off or post them to you. Whatever works best for you!

Decorating Your Car For The Occasion

We can decorate your chauffeured car to give it a personalised touch. This not only looks great but also provides the perfect backdrop for photographs. Here’s how you can personalise the décor on your luxury chauffeur driven car transport:

  • Choose your preferred ribbon colour specific to the event itself.
  • Add your own personal details to the ribbons.
  • Match your car flags with your ribbons with a design that works well.
  • Keep your personalised ribbons as a souvenir of the occasion.

Also check out your other options in chauffeurs attire and the finest champagne choices.

NOTE: Please choose ribbons and personalisation on our instant booking system. As this allows us to streamline the process. Ensuring your luxury car meets all your needs well in advance of the big day. All details are attached to your chauffeur car hire order.

Of course, we understand that you may change your mind regarding this! So, if you wish to personalise your event car décor, please provide us with a minimum of 28 days’ notice. This gives us enough time to ensure all requests can be met without any issue.

Personalisation of car flags and ribbons is available for any event or occasion to require it for.

For more information about any event car ribbons, reach out to our team today for more support and information about what we can do for you next.

Car ribbons for events

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