What defines a VIP Airport Meet and Greet

Defining a first class experience with a true VIP Airport meet and greet. So without stating the obvious we spend a lot of time at London airports. Whilst waiting for our clients to arrive whether at London Heathrow or London Gatwick Airport. We stand there in our full attire, easily standing out from crowd amongst other drivers and chauffeurs.

Moreover, as we observe whilst waiting. So we notice people looking for their drivers, finding them and pulling their own luggage. Even no drivers or chauffeurs with even a trolley at hand.

Defining a luxury Airport meet and greet. We await with a trolley, a cooling bag with chilled water, orange juice and cooling towels. Also most importantly in full uniform, with white gloves, making us easy to spot and find. This is what defines our award winning VIP airport meet and greet transfer in the UK.

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The UK’s Finest Airport Meet and Greet

Continue your first class experience with the finest VIP airport meet and greet in the UK. A fully uniformed chauffeur awaits your arrival. Dressed in our bespoke uniforms, you will not to miss them in the crowd. They will either have a board with your name on, or will recognise you by a photo.

They await to meet and greet you on arrival with cooling towels, chilled water, orange juice and most importantly a luggage trolley. We know there is nothing more welcoming then a cooling towel after a long flight. Whilst you enjoy your chilled water and cooling towel, we load your bags on to the trolley.

Then we will escort you to the vehicle you have chosen for your VIP airport meet and greet. Once at the vehicle, your chauffeur will get you in the vehicle. Offer to open your champagne and pour it for you. Then explain the features of the vehicle. Finally they will load your luggage into the vehicle.

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The Journey ahead

Whatever your destination, rest assured we will get you there in the most relaxed manner. As your first class travel experience continues in our service and luxury vehicle of your choosing. The most relaxed journey awaits you with our VIP airport meet and greet. We understand that travelling can be very tiring.

Therefore, our vehicles are equipped for the voyage ahead. So, again unlimited chilled water and orange juice is supplied. Moreover the Champagne is chilled and ready to pour, again we can also upgrade the champagne to a brand of your choice. Although Collet Champagne that comes as standard is not to be under rated at all. Thus so far all our customers have loved it. Also bearing in mind we supply over 1500 bottles a year, we feel this is a good bench mark for the quality of it.

Our VIP airport meet and greet is available at all London airports and includes all the private jet airports.

VIP airport meet and greet

Vehicles for your airport meet and greet

So with the choice of 12 vehicles we are sure to have the perfect one for your meet and greet requirements. Whether its for 1 person or up to 13, we can supply a VIP chauffeur driven vehicle experience.

These are not standard vehicles like an Uber or executive car or mini bus. Bespoke with you in mind and your first class travel requirements.

So all of our vehicles have champagne flute holders and a chilling bucket for the champagne. Thats just a basic requirement for our luxury VIP meet and greet. Thus all have leather seating and media screens.

So the Mercedes S class range, all seats are heating and cooling, also fully electrically adjustable. The VIP S class and S350L exe have massaging seats and also a seat that converts into a bed. The VIP S63L AMG has the extended exclusive leather pack, plus the warmth pack. Hence the door panels and centre armrest also heat up for your comfort.

Thus making the Mercedes S class range very popular for meet and greet for 2 people at London airports.

The VIP Mini bus range

So for larger groups requiring a VIP airport meet and greet, we have a range of minibuses. Again these are not normal or standard minibuses.

Hence 3 of them have been designed by us, with you in mind. The VIP V class, the VIP mini coach and the new VIP Jet class. So all of these have heated and massaging seats. Moreover all have fridges on board, mood lighting and starlight roofs.

They all have media screens for TV or music, also USB, UC sockets, as well as wireless charging. So rest assured, your soon have your devices fully charged again.

Again all our VIP airport meet and greet minibuses also come with cosy blankets and neck pillows. So ensuring you have the most comfortable rest, should you need it.

So in taking luxury travel to our standards, luxury equals space. Thus with this in mind, we designed the new VIP JET class. Seven luxury seats in the softest, finest Nappa leather for your ultimate comfort. However, taking this further, all seats have a footrest and recline. So meaning they semi convert into a sleeping or relaxing position.

Consequently supplying the ultimate luxury space for your VIP airport meet and greet. However the trade off for the space, was losing luggage space. So bear in mind you will need our support vehicle to carry your luggage.

Stanstead private jet meet and greet

Extend your VIP chauffeur experience

So why not extend your luxury travel requirements in the UK, with our chauffeur service. We can provide services for your stay or tour of the UK. Thus for us, your VIP airport meet and greet is just the start of our journey together. Let us show you the slights of London or a UK tour in the first class cabins of our vehicles.

A white gloved chauffeur awaits your arrival and your further first class travel requirements. Please contact us with your desires and requirements. So we can offer you bespoke travel to for fill your requirements and above.

So if you are in need of a luxury chauffeur service in Cambridge or Essex, Suffolk, London and across the UK. We can provide you with the finest experience for the journey ahead.

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