Luxury bespoke travel for your requirements

What is bespoke travel? The word bespoke translates as being able to customise, so means to indicate how you would like something to suit your requirements. Or how you would like to personalise your desires.

So basically, something specially or explicitly tailored to a persons requirements.

So our luxury bespoke chauffeur service is travel on your terms and desires.

Birthday champagne chauffeur

The Bespoke Experience, why it’s more than just travel

So the most fantastic memories in life are made from experiences. Experiences that surpass your expectations or the level of service that you maybe used to.

So in planning your bespoke travel from your desires. We will provide an ongoing personalised experience that will wow you. Quietly in the back ground, so every step of the journey we meet and surpass your requirements.

Delivering a personalised luxury travel experience from the moment you step out of your door. To the moment we escort you to your destination.

This is more than just travel. This is a first class transport experience like no other. Designed to your exact bespoke travel requirements and desires.

Bespoke transport

Travelling in first class

Travelling in first class with our chauffeur service is already a fantastic experience. So why bespoke it to your needs?

There are several reasons to why you should.

Firstly everyone is different, some people like Rose champagne, some don’t for example. So straight away, providing a standard service, simply does not please all clients. All our VIP chauffeur services come with Champagne. However if you do not like Champagne, the experience is already flawed. Maybe you do like Champagne, but you are travelling with 2 children. Of course we cannot serve alcohol to children, so again the experience is flawed.

So this is why luxury bespoke travel for your needs is essential for the experience of all travelling.

In fact, just by adding the different options and using it to bespoke your travel needs. We transform your travel from a first class to world class travel experience.

Bespoke chauffeur hire

Options for your travel

We already provide as standard more luxury bespoke travel options than most chauffeur companies. All of our luxurious vehicles are bespoke in some way. So to provide the maximum comfort, enjoyment and experience for our clients.

However it does not stop here. The luxurious limo’s and limousines can carry flags for your event or occasion. So whether it’s a 40th birthday, a 25th wedding anniversary we can adorn the vehicle with flags and ribbons to celebrate.

Moreover we offer a choice of Champagnes to upgrade to and Chauffeur uniforms to enhance the theme.

We also can provide a Champagne welcome as standard for you and your guests.

So starting to bespoke your luxury travel requirements is easy and available to do on the website.

However, it would be impossible for us to list all the possibilities or options for you to bespoke your travel needs. This is why we also offer a total bespoke service to you. Just contact us with your desires and requirements.

Then we will make it happen to give you the best bespoke travel experience.

bespoke Mercedes v class hire

Bespoke VIP Luxury vehicles

Luxury chauffeur driven vehicles available from 2-13 passengers. All of our fleet are some of the highest luxury vehicles in the UK. All have some bespoke features designed and fitted by us for your comfort and experience.

Vehicles like the VIP V class and mini coach have been designed by us, in the VIP conversion. Thus making these 2 vehicles unique to us. Designed with you the client in mind, to deliver an exceptional comfort, entertainment and experience.

Incomparable that we purchased a luxury mini coach and then spend 50k. Over 20k on the finest Nappa leather to provide bespoke luxury travel for our clients. The finest media system, a starlight roof, wireless charging for phones, massaging and heated seating. Finally 3 fridges stocked with champagne and beverages for your journey.

This is just part of our dedication to provide the finest bespoke chauffeur service in the UK.

Luxury Private car hire Essex
Luxury private car hire Essex

Mercedes S class Chauffeur driven

Choose from 4 Mercedes S classes for your chauffeur driven experience. All have champagne and flute holders, privacy blinds and panoramic sunroofs.

The VIP S class and S350L exe have heated and cooling electric adjustable seating. Also the rear passenger seat converts into a bed, like the Maybach. Massaging seats and media screens also come as standard. The VIP S class has fold away tables like the Maybach. So you can easily work if needed.

So finally, the VIP S63L AMG. Mercedes top model in the S class range. This features the fantastic magic body control and the finest Nappa leather. Also heated and cooling electric adjustable seating, plus media screens.

Please note for maximum comfort we only allow 2 passengers in the rear compartment.

Mercedes VIP V class

The VIP Mercedes V class. Luxury bespoke travel for up to 6 passengers. Enjoy massaging and heated seating, media screens and your own bluetooth music system. A starlight roof, on board fridge, Champagne bucket and Champagne flute holders. Also a panoramic roof, cosy blankets and umbrellas for your use.

We also have a Jet class planned for 2023.

Mercedes VIP Sprinters

Choose from two almost identical VIP Sprinters for hire. Featuring an almost like emirates business class cabin feel. First class travel for up to 8 passengers, with a large luggage capacity. On broad fridge, Champagne bucket and flute holders. Blue tooth music system, media screen and mood lighting.

We also have a Private jet class planned for late 2023/ early 2024. This will be like travelling in a Private jet, with captains chairs, that convert to almost flat beds. Also of course, starlight roof, media screens, fridges etc.

Our Vision of the interior

Bespoke Travel in the VIP Mini coach

With its VIP conversion finished in June 2022, the popularity with our clients is increasing all the time.

From 3 day stag parties, to 4 day holiday tours and concerts. The VIP mini coach provides the ultimate comfort, enjoyment and experience for your luxury travel requirements. So with our bespoke luxury travel experience, we are often touring London with overseas clients.

This is the perfect way to enjoy a journey, which most never want to end. Three on board fridges, 13 heated and massaging seats in the finest, softest Nappa leather. Media screens, music system, 4 tables, 24 bottle holders for water, beer or orange juice. Six Champagne buckets built into the bespoke tables, 13 champagne flute holders and 10 wireless chargers and corded chargers.

Did we mention 13 luxury neck pillows, cosy blankets and umbrellas.

This is the real deal in first class travel.

The real deal in luxury travel

Attention to detail, luxury goods and a desire to provide the best experience. We go the extra mile to provide a first class multi award winning chauffeur service. A professional chauffeur with the desire to exceed your expectations. No plastic bottles or limit on water. So in fact, we supply unlimited water and orange juice in glass bottles.

We supply branded Champagne in crystal flutes. Chauffeurs attire, we don’t just put a suit on off the peg. We wear bespoke suits, tailor made to fit our chauffeurs.

To supply a first class luxury bespoke travel service. The attention to detail and bespoke detail, had to start with our chauffeur service first.

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