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Chauffeur driven Mercedes S class S63L AMG

Introducing the VIP Mercedes S class chauffeur driven S63L AMG. This is the flagship model of our S class range and indeed Mercedes themselves. So make no mistake this is probably the most comfortable ride in a super car. Also this is one of the highest spec Mercedes S63L AMG in the UK and available for chauffeur hire. So of course the letters AMG around the world, stand for the ultimate performance.

Although somehow the S63 is so refined and quiet in normal driving. The V8 bi turbo quietly purrs along in the back ground, like a quiet assassin, until the power is released.

But with the S class, being Mercedes flagship saloon model the AMG also gives you the smoothest and most comfortable ride. Combined with the Mercedes S class being for years the leader in the luxury chauffeur driven car market. This really is the dream package for luxury travel.

So what makes the S63L the perfect comfort?


AMG Ride Control

What is AMG ride control? Sensors and a radar monitor the roads surface and the car. The radar scans the road for bumps, dips and even holes. Also the sensors monitor the car, keeping it level. So what does this mean and achieve?

Consequently it adjusts the air suspension to adapt to the road ahead. So bumps, dips and holes are hardly felt or even felt at all. Even on corners or turning the vehicles suspension pumps up to keep the car level.

Welcome to Magic Body Control, fitted on the Mercedes Maybach as standard for example. The most luxurious and comfortable journey you will have. Thus often compared to the nearest thing to a ride on a magic carpet.

This is just part of the amazing comfort in our chauffeur driven Mercedes S class S63L AMG.

Inside the S63L AMG

The interior of the chauffeur driven Mercedes S63L is second to none. This is not just leather seating, this is the Mercedes exclusive extended leather option. So enjoy the finest, softest quilted Nappa leather seating. Electrically adjustable heating and cooling seats with luxury head rests. Further more for your comfort, the warmth pack. This also heats the door arm rests, as well as the centre armrest. Electric windows, privacy blinds and panoramic roof come as standard.

Media screens provide entertainment by the way of DVD or TV. Also you can play your own music via the bluetooth connection. So finally a bespoke unit provides a champagne bucket and holders for 2 flutes.

Also, like all our chauffeur driven Mercedes S class models, this is the LWB version. So rest assure the extra leg room provided by the long wheel base model adds to the comfort.

The Real Deal

Rest assure this is the real deal for the most luxurious travel for your chauffeur needs. Indulge in the perfect journey to your destination in the ultimate chauffeur driven S class. Also with free Collet champagne included in every journey.

However you can forgive the S63L for not having massaging seats like our other models. But if you cannot, then the chauffeur driven Mercedes S500L is a fine option. Thus it also has the fantastic Magic Body Control and the exclusive leather pack.






Optional luxury extras

Branded champagne

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Personalised flags

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Personalised ribbons

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Chauffeur attire

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Car Specification

  • Magic Body Control
  • Exclusive Nappa leather (Extended pack)
  • Electric adjustable heating and cooling leather seats
  • Media screens for TV or DVD
  • Luxury climate control
  • Air suspension
  • Champagne flute holders
  • Warmth pack
  • Privacy blinds
  • Panoramic sunroof

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