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Luxury Mercedes S class

The ultimate chauffeur driven Mercedes S class for your business or corporate needs. This VIP Mercedes S class delivers unrivalled luxury for it clients. Providing First class travel for its passengers for their journeys in life. Rest assured you will not want for anything in this beautiful VIP Mercedes S class in stunning black with cream Nappa leather seating.

So for your comfort and wellbeing it is equipped with heating and cooling seats, which are fully electrically adjusted. Relax and be pampered with the massaging seats with a choice of 6 settings. Maybe use the folding tables to catch up on some work. Beverages, with heated and cooling cup holders your favourite drink will always be just right.

Maybe it’s been a long day, so just lay back and convert the seat into a bed and watch a film. However you choose to travel in this VIP Mercedes S class it will not disappoint. The smooth ride provided by its air suspension completes the high quality level of comfort and wellbeing. So of course the champagne will be chilling in the fridge also.

Chauffeur driven Mercedes S class

Chauffeur driven Mercedes S class, be prepared to enjoy the finest service provided by our white glove chauffeur service. A service that is dedicated to make your journey as smooth as possible. A chauffeur that is passionate about delivering the highest level of attention to fulfil your needs. A chauffeur that wears a bespoke uniform helping make him easily identifiable to you. A Mercedes VIP s class that carries our logo and the famous 51MON number plate. So again you will instantly know your first class travel has arrived.

Relax knowing we have your travel needs and requirements fully covered. Enjoy the ultimate comfort of our VIP Mercedes S class, where your bespoke champagne flute holder is always on hand. Cosy blankets, mints, chilled water and umbrellas come as standard also. Also cooling towels await you for the ultimate refreshing and for the ultimate rest, a seat than converts into a bed. So it makes sense to make your next journey, in our first class cabins.

We provide the ultimate luxury chauffeur experience with the care and attention to detail to provide a world class service.

Our passion is your chauffeur experience.

Rest assured our passion is in providing the finest experience and comfort for you. So, going above and beyond your normal chauffeur service. In fact this is why we dedicate so much time and effort into the finer small details. A fine example of this on the VIP Mercedes S class is the bespoke champagne flute holders.

We designed and had brackets made, then holders tailor made again to fit the brackets.  This was because our normal bespoke tailor made Champagne and flute holder cannot work with the individual seats console.

Consequently we knew that our clients expect the highest level of service, comfort and luxury. Hence holding a flute for the whole journey was never an option for the VIP S class hire.

So this is our passion to provide a world class chauffeur service. We solve the problems, so you have the perfect journey.

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Optional luxury extras

Branded champagne

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Personalised flags

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Personalised ribbons

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Chauffeur attire

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360 view of car interior

Car Specification

  • Individual rear seating
  • Fold away tables
  • Heated and chilling cup holders
  • Massaging seats
  • Nappa leather
  • Electric adjustable heating and cooling leather seats
  • Media screens for TV or DVD
  • Luxury climate control
  • Air suspension
  • Comfort pack, seat converts to bed
  • Privacy blinds
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Fridge
  • Champagne flute holders

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