Hire a Chauffeur for your cruise holiday

Need a Chauffeur driven vehicles for your cruise ship transfer? We provide the most luxurious UK chauffeur hire service. A service like no other, where you are always the VIP and luxury travel is standard. So, start your journey to and from the cruise terminal in our first class cabins.

Why hire our cruise chauffeur service? We already provide our luxurious services for private jet transfers and high end travel transfers for clients. So we have the knowledge, experience and trained chauffeurs to deliver such a world class service.

Also, we know you will have ample luggage and our bespoke VIP minibuses are designed to handle the load. So, no squeezing in together, enjoy the luxury of space, comfort and class for your cruise chauffeur experience. An experience like no other, where the champagne flows and you set the mood.

Luxury cruise chauffeur service

Your Cruise ship transfer

So with our cruise ship chauffeur transfer nothing is too much trouble. A truly door to door service provided a white glove professional chauffeur. Who takes care of all your needs and your well being to ensure to arrive on time.

Not just on time, but this journey in its self is a luxury experience and the start of your cruise ship holiday. So it is only befitting that you should travel with the ultimate luxury cruise chauffeur service.

All our vehicles come with champagne, chilled water and orange juice as standard. Also we can bespoke the beverages to your needs or you can even upgrade and add beverages.

Moreover, for your comfort most have massaging seats, media screens and bluetooth music systems. Also mood lighting, starlight roof system, just to name a few. Plus fridges on board and champagne flute holders. Our vehicles are bespokely designed around providing and fulfilling our client’s needs.

first class travel

Luxury VIP vehicles

Luxury VIP vehicles which can transport up to 13 passengers. Whether you setting off needing a chauffeur from Essex to transport you to Southampton cruise terminal. Hiring the right company and vehicle is paramount to the quality of your journey.

So nobody wants to arrive feeling like they need a holiday after the journey. We know that from travelling from Suffolk or Essex it is a long journey. So it is paramount that we provide the best service and vehicles for your relaxation. In fact most customers do not want to leave our vehicles, such is the luxury and comfort of them. Which is why WGSC was created to provide the perfect luxury chauffeur driven service.

So choose from the fantastic VIP Mercedes V class for 5 people. We also have 2 VIP Mercedes Sprinters for 7 passengers. Plus the VIP Mercedes mini coach for up to 13 passengers.

All have the finest Nappa leather seating for your comfort. For more details please visit our chauffeur driven vehicle hire page. So here you can view the vehicles and select the one perfect for your cruise chauffeur service. Also we have 360 interactive photos of the interiors. So you can view the full luxury interior of your chosen vehicle.

If you need to travel also from or to an airport, please also visit luxury airport chauffeur hire.

Luxury chauffeur services in the UK

Chauffeur service for your cruise ship transfer

So providing the finest chauffeur hire service is what we do daily. A service where a champagne welcome comes as standard. Delivered by a uniformed chauffeur in a bespoke tailor made designed suit by us. This is just part of the attention to detail we supply. As we know to provide the ultimate cruise chauffeur service, the fine details start within our commitment to provide first class travel.

We look forward to serving you in the near future.

White glove chauffeur service

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